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Handcrafted Creations 

Welcome to Ragn's & Such.

My name is Annette Clews, I am the creator, founder and owner.  I began my journey in the 1990's.  As a stay at home mom looking for way to earn extra income, while expressing my creative side.  I began as a Folk Art painter, teacher and seller.  A few years later and a move to a new community; I became involved with  civic duties and put my business on hold.  After 12 years of public service I returned to my passion of creating, only to expand beyond the paint brush to include the sewing machine and other mediums of creating.  

Each of my creations are crafted by me, many of these items are one of a kind, some I do make in multiples.  Which ever it is I promise each is made with a passion of love and creativity.


With a desire to be conscious of the world environment, I work towards a zero to as little waste as possible when producing my creations, which of corse means finding new products within my business to best utilize the materials used;  hence the name Ragn's & Such.

With my past being in public service, I am very conscious of supporting local.  I strive to purchase my raw materials as close to home as possible. I also strive to support local groups and organizations when possible.

I would like to thank my customers for your support and hope you enjoy your purchases for years to come.

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